Risk Solutions Services, counts with professionals of Public Accounting, accredited by the Central Board of Accountants of Colombia and trained in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) both full and SMEs.

We advance our analysis in accordance with the International Norms of Information Assurance, incorporated in the national legal system by the law 1314 of 2009, which require a proven independence and professional suitability; The planning and execution of the work through applicable procedures and techniques with the ultimate objective of systematically reviewing and evaluating the components and elements that integrate the internal control and the reasonableness of the financial information.

Likewise, we verify the fulfillment of the operations of our clients in the terms that indicate accounting standards, legal, commercial, tax, labor, corporate bylaws and professional pronouncements.


Financial Audit: In order to determine whether, in our opinion, the financial statements are presented in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standards (NCIF).

Compliance Audit: To determine if the entity has complied with the legal provisions applicable to it in the development of the operations.

Management Audit: Tends to evaluate the degree of efficiency and effectiveness both in the achievement of the objectives envisaged in the entity and in the management of available resources.

Internal Control Audit: Aimed at systematically reviewing and evaluating the elements and components that integrate it to inform the highest social entity if the internal control performed by the management group and the rest of the staff has been specifically designed to provide them with reasonable assurance about the effectiveness And efficiency of operations, sufficiency and reliability of financial information and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


  • Evaluation of the Control Environment.
  • Evaluation on the implementation and operational effectiveness of controls.
  • Substantive analytical procedures.
  • Detail testing, sampling and documentary inspection.
  • Circulation of confirmations with third parties.
  • Tax examination of national, departmental declarations and magnetic media.
  • Review of electronic data processing.
  • Compliance of the applicable legal regulations, the Company’s by-laws and decisions recorded in acts.
  • Review and issuance of Financial Statements, disclosures and dictum.